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Squad's All Here Set

Squad's All Here Set

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Meet Tumbld, your daily hydration vessel for the iced coffee runs, car hangs, long work meetings, and margaritas on the rocks. 

Tumbld is focused on reducing single use plastic, by making everyday hydration a lifestyle accessory — the accessory everyone will be asking where it's from.

The Squad's All Here Set includes 4x Tumblers - 1x of every colour from the range. Give the gift of Tumbld or Mix N Match Tumblers, Watermelon, Matcha, Peach and Sunshine. Interchange the straws, lids and bases as you wish!

Simply add your favourite hydrating drink, hot or cold, and sip, refill, repeat throughout summer.

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Get to know your Daily Hydration Tumbler


♻️ BPA free

♻️ Double walled

♻️ Reusable tumbler

♻️ Soft touch matte finish

♻️ 473ml capacity


🍉 Watermelon Pink

💚 Matcha Green

☀️ Sunshine Yellow

🍑 Peachy Orange


1 x TUMBLD Cup with screw-top flat lid

1 x TUMBLD Straw

Fill me with chilled water, iced coffee, margaritas, iced dirty chai, punch, iced tea, iced matcha, bubble tea, smoothies, green juice, pre-workout, rosé, frappe + anything you want!